South Coast Plastic Surgery

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South Coast Plastic Surgery

Complete Case Study

This is a breakdown of our last two years working with Dr. Song came to Turbo as a newly-minted plastic surgeon, fresh off an Aesthetic Fellowship and residency. His online presence was a blank canvas!
Our efforts have focused on increasing the practice’s digital visibility, primarily organically, but also with some internal marketing, with the main goal of increasing website traffic and leads. Since there was obviously no previous data to compare to we will break down our efforts for the past year and compare them to the previous year.

1. Ranking

Organic rankings are one of the key components in improving the practice’s digital visibility, the first step in increasing website traffic (and ultimately leads). This only gives us a snapshot of the practice’s organic presence, though.

Below is a breakdown of where the client is positioned, but you can see a more thorough report here.


The most important factor in evaluating the website’s health is conversion rate. The website’s conversion rate has been 4.29% over the past year (you can see this data on page 5), which is very solid. By continuing to increase the traffic and simply maintaining the conversion rate we’ll inevitably generate more website leads. We’ll jump to website traffic and leads later on.

Some other important website health metrics are:
• user interaction (bounce rates, average time on the site, pages viewed/user)


Depending on the source, you’ll get different reports on the number of links. You can see Google’s backlink list here. The screenshot below is from SEMRush, a quality SEO software we use. The main thing it’s showing is that we have no toxic links we need to be worried about.


You’ll see a screen shots below highlighting the practice’s organic traffic from April 2016- April 2017 vs April 2015- April 2016.

We’re comparing our efforts this past year to our efforts the previous year. As you can see, organic unique visitors have grown 170.54% in the year. View a more detailed report by clicking here.


Our website leads have steadily grown since we first started worked with Soco Plastic Surgery. Over the past year, leads have grown over 634%!


While we’ve seen the organic rankings and traffic rise over the past year, one additional tactic we’ve been able to implement is unique schema markup for each location, to show star ratings within organic search results. Keep in mind that this isn’t Google Map star ratings, this is purely organic search results, and with solid rankings the stars have helped improve organic CTR (click through rates) to increase organic traffic to the website over the past year.